Marketing automation helps you automate various essential online marketing tasks such as sms marketing, email marketing, social media marketing etc. Following are the most important marketing automation channels for your online success.

1. Voice Broadcasting

Manage outbound phone call campaigns with easy voice broadcasting. Reach multiple customers at affordable cost in less time with text-to-speech personalization. Reach out to millions of people around the world and you can leave voice message If your call voice broadcast calls was not answered.

5 Marketing Automation Channels for your Online Success

2. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing sends a short message and high opening rate has been reported for SMS. Delight your customers with our unique SMS marketing solutions for asking more. It ensures easy and powerful texting with links for you to achieve and flourish.

3. Email Marketing with Bulk Email Service and Email Addresses List

The email marketing services with bulk email service offers transactional emails for facilitating, confirming or completing commercial transactions and direct emails for sending promotional messages to your potential customers. Further, email marketing makes your campaigns simple and result oriented as these bring the potential customers to your doorstep creating professional email newsletters etc. Our advanced software will put your emails in the social media to boost your marketing to the next level. To get high sales or traffic to your websites I recommend purchasing email addresses list from a reliable email provider. EMD guarantees lowest price for any mailing lists we are selling with free after sale support.

4. Website Analysis and Tracking

Kick start your business through event-based digital business analytics with real time customer data. With analysis and tracking methods you get real-time traffic analysis for your website.

5. Social Media Marketing

Join conversation with key influencers for building your brand image through social media marketing. Also capture, engage and transform visitors to customers for driving your business ahead.