Some of the new marketers are curious about purchasing email lists as part of the digital marketing strategy. The most frequent question that comes to their mind; Is purchasing mailing lists worth it? The answer is yes, but with some conditions. Buying mailing lists is not a bad idea when you have a good strategy to reach out to potential customers in those lists. You need to utilize your mailing lists effectively to make them work for you. Below are some steps involved to getting most out of your mailing lists.

mailing lists

1. Accurate and Updated Mailing Lists

Mandatory fields:

  • Company Name – it is very useful to build trust with you reader. To will get to know that you know them already and you will make them easy to reply your promotional message.
  • Contact Person (decision maker preferred) – this will help you give a personal touch to your communication and help you mail merge your message. It greatly helps you make your reader not to delete or throw your marketing message.
  • Email Address (for email marketing)
  • Fax Number (for fax marketing)
  • Phone Number (for follow-up calls)
  • Business Category

2. Free Email Marketing Solution – for example MailChimp (12,000 free emails a month )

Do you know 80% of business still do email marketing. Almost every company in this world is on internet and have at least one email address to communicate. This gives you an opportunity to reach out to large number of potential customers at no cost.

3. Cheap Fax Marketing Solution

There is a percentage of companies as well as decision makers in those companies who still love to reach faxes. When they come back in the office they go through all the fax they have received. Fax broadcasting can help you reach to those potentials customers who give more importance to fax compare to email or those are simply not on the internet.

4. Cheap and Quality Internet Phone

When you get a reply from your direct mail, fax or email, you might need to call your customer to make it a deal or sometimes you would require to give them a follow-up calls when it takes time to convert your lead into sale. In that case, you should consider cheap and high quality internet telephone over traditional telephone. Internet telephone reduces your high calling costs and these phone are more flexible. You answer important calls any time and from anywhere using your smart phone.